Winter Swims for 2016 and 2017

Winter Swim Schedule for 2016/2017

 Saturday November 12, 2016
 Saturday December 3, 2016
 Saturday January 14, 2017
 Saturday February 25, 2017 
 Saturday March 18, 2017
 Saturday April 8, 2017


7:00 pm 

(pay for own meal)

Western Pizza

1023 Devonshire Drive

Spring has Sprung

It’s the wonderful time of the year when snow finally melts, trees begin to blossom and the streets look lively and green again! Even though there might’ve been a bit of a confusion with Mother Nature, who sent some snow for a rather cold welcome to the new season, we can’t wait until temperatures start going up, and we see our areas come back alive once more.

Taste of Green Haven Pot-Luck & Dessert Auction - Aug 2

Ok this is the time to showcase your background with food.  Choose a food from your ethnic background and bring it to the clubhouse on Aug 2 at 6 pm.  I have also decided to hold the dessert auction right after supper on Aug 2 as well instead of the Aug 3rd.  I wished I was there to sample a bunch of great dishes.  If you do not bring a dish to supper the price will be $8 pp. 

Club Crawl of GHSC July 26

We will start the festivities at 3 pm at hosts deck # 1.  We will end off the evening back at the club house at 6:45 pm having the main meal.  The main meal will be Sheppard's Pie a salad and dessert. 
The cost of this event will be 10 tickets for $10, you will hand in 2 tickets at the first camper and 2 tickets at the next camper and so forth.  

National Nude Weekend

National Nude Weekend

Everyone should get out and enjoy social nudity.

Green Haven Sun Club

July 12th and 13th

Established in 1973, Green Haven is your oasis on the Prairies!

President's Message - July 2014

I write this in hope that the coming months will be sunny and warm, well a whole lot better than June
was, well any month would be better than June. Bob, Russ and Oscar had to start the big water pump to
drain the slough beside our access road on Tuesday. Hopefully they started the pump-out before we
were in any danger of losing our road. As well the sunning area and volleyball court were under water.
There are a few things that we need to be reminded of as the season really begins to roll.

Canada Day

Decorate your trailers, dress up in your Canada Day outfits. Anyone from kids to adults wanting to join the parade please meet behind Bob and Russ's camper at 8 pm. Parade will start at 8:30 pm. There will be a View Finder game that will be taking place throughout the day. You can pick up you papers in the club house. Details of the game are in the club house. SUPPER 5 pm: we will be having a wiener roast, cook your own hot dog over an open fire, (at the fire pit). We will be having beans, potato chips, S'mores, Banana Boat $10 pp all you can eat.

Planting Bee

We will be having a planting bee to get the flowerbeds and hanging pots outside the club house all planted.  Please feel free to come donate your time and if you cannot donate your time please feel free to donate a flat of flowers.  Thank you in advance. 

Welcome to another season.

As you know this past year has been not without it's up's and downs. From the purchase of a new tractor for

The tractor has lived up to it's billing of keeping the snow cleared this winter and now we await it's other uses for the season. Please keep in mind this is a very expensive piece of ma-chinery and only for authorized personal to ride or use.

Remember that we are a cooperative and that we all must work together for the greater good of
the club. Please feel free to come and voice your concerns or ideas.


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