President's Message - July 2014

I write this in hope that the coming months will be sunny and warm, well a whole lot better than June
was, well any month would be better than June. Bob, Russ and Oscar had to start the big water pump to
drain the slough beside our access road on Tuesday. Hopefully they started the pump-out before we
were in any danger of losing our road. As well the sunning area and volleyball court were under water.
There are a few things that we need to be reminded of as the season really begins to roll.
Please keep in mind that only toilet paper is only used in our sewer system. We just had to spend
$1200.00 for a new pump and pump-out of the septic system. So please no femine napkins, baby-wipes,
or anything else that can get caught in the pump.
Please keep your pets on a leash when walking them,(yes mine included), your animal must be kept in
control and not allowed in the sunning area at any time.
Please do not but empty cardboard boxes in the Lorras bin (garbage bin). It takes up room for other
garbage. Just put your empty boxes in the fire-pit and we will burn them at the next fire.
Please also remember we are all nudists and we are expected to be nude when conditions warrant. A
member informed me recently that they actually felt out of place because there were more clothed
members than nude.
Hope we have an enjoyable summer and remember we are a cooperative, lets help-out where and
when we can
Ron S