Club Crawl of GHSC July 26

We will start the festivities at 3 pm at hosts deck # 1.  We will end off the evening back at the club house at 6:45 pm having the main meal.  The main meal will be Sheppard's Pie a salad and dessert. 
The cost of this event will be 10 tickets for $10, you will hand in 2 tickets at the first camper and 2 tickets at the next camper and so forth.  
I have set up a taxi service if someone shall need it.  Bob and Russ have so gracefully said they would be our taxi drivers for the evening.  It will be a donation to the taxi driver who will then donate his fares to GHSC.   So if you are unable to walk to the different hosts places due to physically not able to or your getting very tired.  Please call a taxi, find me Wanda or flag a taxi down....hahahahahah........ there will be 2 taxi's running that night.   
I will have the tickets at Bob and Russ's deck so please come see me there and pay for your evening.  Thank you so very much and I hope you all have fun!
1.)  Bob and Russ will start off the evening with a drink at 3 pm on there deck
2.)  Mike and Kris will be next for an appetizer at Ron & Carolyn's camper at 3:45 pm
3.)  Trent and Sue will be the third host to have a drink at Sue's camper at 4:30 pm
4.)  Erica and Randy will be the fourth host to have a appetizer at 5:15 pm
5.)  Sonia and Ervin will be the fifth host trailer to have a drink at 6 pm
Enjoy and have fun!